What Does D Mean In Texting? Usage and Examples

The letter ‘D’ shows up a lot in texting and online chat. So, what does it mean? In most cases, ‘D’ stands for the word “day.” For example, you might see “G2G, TTYL, D” meaning “Got to Go, Talk to You Later, Day.” But it can mean different things depending on the context and platform. Let’s dive in to get a clearer understanding.

What Does D Mean In Texting?

In text messaging, ‘D’ most commonly stands for “day.” People use it when they talk about days or time. For instance, if someone texts you, “See you in 2D,” they mean “See you in 2 days.”

Sometimes, it might stand for other words, too. You may see it used as a shorthand for “done” as in, “I’m D with my homework.”


  • GUD (Good Until Day): This means something is good for the day.
  • DND (Do Not Disturb): People use this when they don’t want to be bothered.

What Does D Mean In Chatting and Messaging

In platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger, the meaning remains quite consistent. Here, ‘D’ often means “delivered.” In WhatsApp, for instance, you’ll see a ‘D’ next to a message when it has been delivered to the recipient but not yet read.

Other times, it may still stand for “day,” especially in personal chats. For example, “CU 2D” means “See you today.”


  • Delivered: In WhatsApp, ‘D’ indicates the message is delivered.
  • Day: In personal chats, ‘CU 2D’ means “See you today.”

What Does D Mean on Social Media

In the world of social media, the letter ‘D’ can take on new meanings. On Twitter, ‘D’ can mean “Direct” as in Direct Message (DM). On Facebook, ‘D’ could stand for “Details” when someone asks for more information.

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On Instagram and TikTok, ‘D’ usually is short for “don’t” or “do.” For example, if you see someone comment ‘D @’ on a post, it likely means “Don’t @ me.”


  • Direct: On Twitter, ‘D’ can mean Direct Message.
  • Details: On Facebook, ‘D’ can mean “details” in conversations.
  • Do/Don’t: On Instagram and TikTok, ‘D’ can mean “do” or “don’t.”

Alternate Meaning of D

Sometimes ‘D’ has alternate meanings. It can signify ‘Dime,’ slang for a good-looking person. It might even stand for ‘Dollars’ in a discussion about money. In video games, ‘D’ often means “defend.”


  • Dime: ‘D’ can mean a good-looking person.
  • Dollars: In money chats, ‘D’ can stand for dollars.
  • Defend: In gaming chats, ‘D’ often means “defend.”

Key Takeaways

  • In texting, ‘D’ most commonly means “day,” but can also stand for “done.”
  • In chatting apps like WhatsApp, ‘D’ usually means “delivered.”
  • On social media, ‘D’ can vary from “Direct” on Twitter to “Details” on Facebook to “Do/Don’t” on Instagram and TikTok.
  • ‘D’ can have alternate meanings like ‘Dime,’ ‘Dollars,’ or ‘Defend,’ depending on the context.

How D is Used in Different Contexts

Platform/ContextMeaning of ‘D’Example UseAlternate Meanings
TextingDayCU 2D (See you today)Done
WhatsAppDeliveredD next to messageDay
SnapchatDeliveredD next to snapNone
Facebook MessengerDeliveredD next to messageDay, Details
TwitterDirect (Direct Message)D me (Direct message me)None
InstagramDon’t or DoD @ (Don’t @ me)None
TikTokDon’t or DoD @ (Don’t @ me)None
RedditDirect (Direct Message)D me (Direct message me)None
GamingDefendTeam D (Team defend)None
SlangDimeShe’s a D (She’s a dime)Dollars
Dirty ChatContextualContextualContextual
DatingDayCU in 3D (See you in 3 days)None
V (Abbreviation)Victory or VeryGG V (Good Game, Very)None
Big DBig Deal or DallasIt’s a Big DNone
Double D for a GirlBra SizeShe’s a Double DNone
DoctorDr.Dr. SmithNone
Call D (Full Form)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Slang B and DBind and DominateB&D in chatNone
😀 on FacebookSmiley Face😀 (Happy face)None
D and M in DatingDeep and MeaningfulLet’s have a D&M chatNone
D GirlDesignated GirlShe’s the D girlNone
D Before a DateDayD-1 (One day before)None


What Does D Mean in a Text?

In a text, ‘D’ usually stands for “day.” For example, “CU in 3D” would mean “See you in 3 days.”

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What is D Meaning in Slang?

In slang, ‘D’ can mean ‘Dime,’ which is slang for a good-looking person. It could also stand for ‘Dollars.’

What Does D Mean on Twitter?

On Twitter, ‘D’ usually means “Direct,” as in Direct Message (DM).

What is D Short For?

‘D’ can be short for several words depending on the context, such as “day,” “done,” or “direct.”

What Does the D Mean in Dirty Chat?

In dirty chat, the meaning of ‘D’ can be contextual and often explicit. It could vary widely depending on the conversation.

What Does D Mean From a Girl?

The meaning of ‘D’ from a girl doesn’t differ significantly from general usage. It could mean “day,” “done,” or any other context-dependent meaning.

What Does D Mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, ‘D’ typically means “don’t” or “do,” such as in the comment ‘D @,’ meaning “Don’t @ me.”

What Does D Mean in Dating?

In dating, ‘D’ usually refers to “day,” as in “See you in 3 days.”

What is Abbreviation D and V?

‘D’ often stands for “delivered” or “day,” while ‘V’ often stands for “victory” or “very.”

What Does Big D Mean?

The term “Big D” can mean “Big Deal” or refer to the city of Dallas.

What Does Double D Mean for a Girl?

Double D refers to a specific bra size.

Is D Short for Doctor?

Yes, ‘D’ can be short for “Doctor” when it appears as ‘Dr.’

What is the Full Form of Call D?

The full form of “Call D” is not commonly known and could be specific to a particular context or system.

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What is the Slang B and D?

B and D in slang usually stand for “Bind and Dominate.”

What Does 😀 Mean on Facebook?

On Facebook, ‘:D’ is a smiley face, representing a happy or laughing expression.

What is D and M in Dating?

D and M in dating refers to “Deep and Meaningful” conversations.

What is the Meaning of D Girl?

D Girl stands for “Designated Girl” in various contexts.

What is D Before a Date?

‘D’ before a date usually stands for “Day,” used to indicate the number of days before an event, like D-1 meaning one day before.

Is it the Big D or the Big D?

Both are correct; it can be “the Big D” or just “Big D,” usually referring to a “Big Deal” or the city of Dallas.

How Do You Pronounce Call D?

The pronunciation of “Call D” could be specific to a particular context or system and is not universally known.

What Does BD * M Mean?

The abbreviation BD * M is not commonly understood and might be specific to a certain community or context.

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